What is counselling?

Counselling is intended to provide you with a safe space to talk through your difficulties. You will become the priority of a trained professional counsellor who will listen to you with complete commitment. The counselling offered with Next Chapter is Person Centred. This type of counselling is about empowering you to make sense of your circumstances to enable you to move on or accept your situation in your own way.

Counselling is certainly not an interrogation or an opportunity for me to analyse you. I am here to provide you with the space to really talk, about whatever you like and along the way you may find things become a lot clearer for you. Many people find counselling quite a liberating and often unique experience.

The beauty of person centred counselling is that it may enable you to feel generally stronger and more resilient, more able to face future challenges should they arise.

What I offer

I am a fully qualified and deeply committed counsellor. I have a dedicated counselling room located in my home. The room is located on the first floor of my house so unfortunately I am unable to offer counselling for individuals who are unable to use stairs. There is access to a toilet close by. I have availability during later afternoons, evenings and weekends. Please call or email for details.

Road-side parking is available.


Find peace

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Phone contact 0113 000 0000


I offer face to face, one to one counselling from my home in Morley, near Leeds.
My services can be long or short-term in nature, and I ensure strict confidentiality.

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Phone: 07583 920282

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